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Genetic Algorithm (GA)

The is a typical Evolutionary Algorithm  based on the Darwinian theory of natural selection and survival of the fittest. It beings with a population of randomly-generated solutions to an (optimization) problem and through a computational process mimicking the natural processes of fitness evaluation,  biological selection, crossover and mutation, "evolves" them into optimized solutions.

Artificial Immune System (AIS)

 This algorithm which  imitates the human immune system is widely used in pattern matching and optimization. Antibodies  which match the  antigens undergo cloning and mutation. This improves the  defense mechanism of the antibodies.

Harmony Search Algorithm (HSA)

The Harmony Search Algorithm is based on the metaphor of how musicians fine tune (or evolve) their notes in conjunction with others to produce a harmonious melody. We have used the HS algorithm to evolve a computer program containing a Neural Network to learn to play the game of Othello.

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