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Tad Gonsalves
AI Lab

Prof. Tad Gonsalves, PhD
Department of Information & Communication Sciences,
Faculty of Science & Technology,
Sophia University,
Tokyo, Japan

About Laboratory



Artifical intelligence applications,

Design of expert systems,

Nature inspired algorithms,

Machine learnig


Refereed journals,

Book Chapters,

International Conferences,




AI Book - Artifical Intelligence


Lab Enviroments

Tad Gonsalves Lab enviroments- GPU computing with Cuda

GPU computing with Cuda

We are accelerating our development with GPU computing.

The latest workstation has five P100 Nvidia GPUs and three GTX 1080 Ti GPUs. 

Tad Gonsalves Lab enviroments- ParallelProcessing

Parallel Processing

AI needs plenty of time to train. 

We are parallelizing the algorithms on multi-servers for efficiency.

Tad Gonsalves Laboratory at Yotsuya Campus


Gonsalves Lab on Sophia University Yotsuya Campus.

Each of the desktop machines is tailor made either with  intel i9 or Ryzen Threadripper Pro CPUs and GPUs connected in SLI mode. The systems are water-cooled for efficiency and noise control. 


The following subjects are taught in this lab.

Teaching Japanese

Subjects taught in Japanese

Teaching English

Subjects taught in English


Research Seminars



Modern Architecture

What is STEC?

The "Science and Technology Exchange Committee"(STEC)under the Faculty of Science & Technology organizes a three-month research program for the science & engineering staff of universities in the Asian countries. Every year, the Faculty has a number of visiting researchers actively participating in this research program.

In the Past

Jaychand Upadhyay, Assistant Professor, Xavier Institute of Engineering, University of Mumbai: Research on human gait.

Prof. Hindriyanto Dwi Purnomo

Information Technology Department, Satya Wacana Christian University, Indonesia. Research on Bio-inspired Optimization Algorithms

Assoc. Prof Gregorius Satia Budhi

Informatics Department, Petra Christian University, Indonesia

Research on LLMs & sentiment analysis

Applications invited

If you interested in the STEC research program, e-mail me or contact the Sophia STEC office:  f-scitec at

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