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Artifical intelligence applications,

Design of expert systems,

Nature inspired algorithms,

Machine learnig


​Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a well-researched branch of computer science. After a long period of low-lying, it has suddenly sprung back to life and is expected to make a breakthrough in designing algorithms that will be very close to human thinking, intuition and creativity. For the time being, my lab is not too concerned with the theoretical development of AI, but rather with its diverse applications.

The research in my lab ideals with the application of Artificial Intelligence (AI) techniques and algorithms to various disciplines. In particular, we focus on the following three areas:



Try to play the Othello game!!

It's not a complete AI System, but chances are you'll lose!


Interactive music  composition

Here the user, inputs a number of melodies to the learning program. The program extracts the patterns from input melodies and produces another melody with variations.

Interactive Design

Here the user, inputs a number of designs to the learning program. The program extracts the patterns from the input design and produces other designs with variations.

Autonomous driving

This project combines three autonomous driving modules: lane detection, signal detecting and traffic sign detection. 

Obstacle avoidance learning

This project is still in the simulation stages. It shows how a software program learning to drive also avoids obstacles placed along the path. 




With my under-grad and graduate students, I am trying to develop knowledge-based systems, which are traditionally called Expert Systems. These systems contain a large knowledge-based (similar to a database) acquired from domain experts. They have an inference capability to refer to the knowledge and give advice to users in the domain of interest. The current research area is how to embed learning mechanisms and semantics in these systems.


Nature-inspired algorithms are robust algorithms that work with ill-defined problems and produce near-optimal results in reasonable amount of time without making an exhaustive search of the search space.

Our research is concentrated on two major areas involving the nature-inspired Algorithms​

Evolutionary Algorithms

Evolutionary Algorithms

These algorithms are based on the Darwinian metaphor. Living beings continuously evolve to adjust themselves to the ever-changing environmental conditions. 

Swarm Intelligence

A swarm is a large number of homogenous, unsophisticated agents that interact locally among themselves and their environment without any central control or management.


Machine Learning is a rapid developing area of AI. In recent years, many awe-inspiring Machine Learning Applications have been developed by academia as well as industry. Here are just a few applications we have developed in our lab.

Autonomous driving

In this research, the applicant proposes a very simple and cost effective method of “Soft computational machine learning” to implement self-driving. 

Driving Modules

Most self-driving cars rely on special infrastructure by the roadside to steer along the way. However, our research concentrates on making the vehicle learn to drive based only on the visual information picked up by the car camera.


PC Games

Coming soon!

Computational Linguistics

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