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Design of expert systems

With my under-grad and graduate students, I am trying to develop knowledge-based systems, which are traditionally called Expert Systems. The current research area is how to embed learning mechanisms and semantics in these systems.


JAVA Intelligent Tutoring System

An Intelligent Tutoring System (ITS) is capable of monitoring the progress of a student learning a new skill or language using PC and giving advice. The system has a pool of lessons and exercises with varying degrees of difficulties. While the student goes through a lesson or an exercise, the ITS checks his/her performance, corrects the errors and produces extra exercises to strengthen the weak-points of the students. The difficulty level of the contents is not increased linearly to avoid boredom, but with carefully planned jumps. This in further improves the student motivation. 


Course Registration Advisor

We developed this Expert system in 2008, when the new Department of Information & Communication Sciences started at Sophia University. Freshmen would find it very difficult to comprehend all the details of the new curriculum. So, this Expert System would advice them when to register for the compulsory courses. It would also advise the students to choose the optional subjects according to their liking and job orientation in the future. 

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